Our Services

 We are a multi-disciplined practice that provides the traditional Accounting, Auditing and Taxation services as well as a full range of Business Advisory Services to meet the needs of our clients. As members of the board governing Public Accountants and other professional bodies, we provide a professional and comprehensive service uniquely tailored to suit our clients. 

About us

We provide a large portfolio of services, the major focus being

Comprehensive & Specialized

We offer a Comprehensive Range of services no matter the scale of your corporate or private business

• Preparation of monthly accounts

• Annual Financial Statements

• Forensic Auditing

• Stock Auditing

• Business Income Tax

• Personal Income Tax

• Company Taxation / Registrations

• Shelf Company Registrations

• Statutory Registrations

• Submission of Statutory Returns

• Business and Annual Operating Plans

• Administrative Costing

• Patent and Trade mark Registrations

• Comprehensive Business Valuations

• BEE Verification Certification

• CIDB Registrations

• Due Diligence

• Legal Agreements

• Drawing up of Wills and Testaments

• Tax Clearance Certificates

Capital Gains Tax Computation & Submission

• Foreign Exchange Applications

Accredited Online Agents for CIPC

• Registered SARS Tax Practitioners

• Business Funding Liaison

• Business Rescue Services

• Trust Registrations

• Liquidations and Business Rescue

• Personal Sequestration

• Business Advisory Services

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Our client base extends from Gauteng and Eastern Cape, Cape Town, Richards Bay and Durban

5 Halpin Avenue , Reservoir Hills, Durban, 4091

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